What's Your Story?


Having seen one of my close friends battled with cancer and passed on within 10 months since diagnosis, ~3 years ago, set me thinking if I will want to live my life the way it was, not pursuing my dream. And so I quit and went into floristry, a totally new area, something that I have passion in, without thinking how far I could go. I just know I don't want to leave this world in regret one day.

For the past ~3 years, I am grateful to have my loved ones by my side and of cos my flowers, staring at me everyday. Sometimes I told myself, it will be ridiculous to be grouchy and not smile with these lovelies around me.

And so, recently, by chance, I got to know of a heartwarming initiative from a drama which resonates with one of my initial objectives in starting Meadows & Clouds; hoping these flowers will brighten someone’s day. So I decided to try this out and pass it forward, the comfort I got from the pretty flowers.

So, tell us your story, how you/your loved ones are feeling recently and how our flowers can help you, cheer you up or even your loved ones who at this time, need some flowers, care and concern. 

We will select one beautiful story every week (except if there's none that touches us or for periods when the shop is closed for break), prepare some pretty flowers and deliver to that well deserved recipient. 


Terms & Conditions:

1. Follow/Like Meadows & Clouds Instagram & Facebook Account
2. No selection of flowers or top up allowed. Bouquet design will be at the discretion of Meadow & Clouds.
3. Meadows & Clouds will contact you for the delivery (within Singapore only)/collection details if your story is being selected.
4. You also confirm that, if your story is being selected, the recipient of the flowers has no allergy to flowers or any conditions that render you/them not suitable to receive flowers.
5. By submitting this story, you accept and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions and give us the right to publish your story on our social media. 



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